Valentine’s Gift Box

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Gift the love of food, curiosity and impact this Valentine’s Day with our unique treats handcrafted by refugee and immigrant chefs who now call New York City home! 


Syrian Barazek Sesame Cookies

Thin Syrian cookies filled with pistachio chips and covered with roasted sesame seeds. 


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Taste of Iran: Jam Set of 3

Hand-crafted by Eat Offbeat alumna Chef Nasrin. Set of three delicious jam spreads: Carrot, Rose, and Red Bell Pepper. Vegan. 


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Persian Rose Tea

Delicate and aromatic Persian Rose Tea, made by Chef Nasrin as part of this year's Taste Of Iran gift box bundle.

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Turkish Dried Apricots

Delicious and delightful dried apricots, Turkish style. Enjoy with some warm chai! 


In stock

Venezuelan Hot Cocoa Mix


In stock

The Kitchen Without Borders Cookbook

The Kitchen Without Borders is our first cookbook published by Workman Publishing and in partnership with the International Rescue Committee.


The Kitchen Without Borders Cookbook + Spices Bundle

Our Kitchen Without Borders Spice Bundle is the perfect addition to your kitchen (and just in time for holiday shopping!). Great for those who want to try our recipes with some off-the-beaten-path spices. The spice kit included: Golpar, Sumac, Fenugreek, Ground Coriander, and Curry Leaves.


Shipping information:

  • Boxes ship nationwide (US)
  • Please allow 5 business days for shipping. Please reach out to us with your order ID at [email protected] for any questions. 

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